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Is the workshop suitable for kids?

Yes! Our equipment is suitable even for 4 year old's. With younger ages, it depends on the physical development of each child and sometimes it even depends on their mood.
The content we teach is mostly for adults but we've found that even at very young ages kids enjoy being treated as adults and happily accept the responsibility of holding our professional bows. The minimum age for any activity is based on the number of participants.

When are you open? Can I just show up?

We are open every day by appointment only, especially during weekends and holidays, it can get busy.
We recommend booking as early as possible to reserve the time that is most convenient to you and at least two days in advance.
However, we appreciate spontaneity and accept walk-ins when possible, just make sure to give us a call and verify we are on location.

How many people can participate in a workshop?

As many as you like! We offer private lessons for one, couples, small families, companies and all the way up to 65 participants learning and shooting at the same time! We also have solutions for very large groups so basically the sky is the limit!
Our facility is the biggest archery range in the south of Israel, open skies and endless desert is our home. Come as you are!

When is the ideal time for an activity?

We are open every day from sunrise to  sunset by appointment! Our activity is outdoors and we take all variables under consideration when you book with us. It's good to check the seasonal weather conditions and during hot summer days we suggest to schedule in the early morning or late afternoon (4pm or later). We have a large shaded area that makes every hour possible for an activity! During winter the times are more flexible.

What kind of facilities do you have at the range (shade, sitting area)?

Your comfort is in our sights! At our range we've built plenty of shade, sitting areas, shaded picnic tables, accessible parking, restrooms and washrooms (farm style).
Everything you need to fully enjoy the experience!

How do I pay?

Payment is possible with credit card, bank transfers, cash and Israeli payment apps.

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